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rs3Did you know that buttons like these allow Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and others to track your online browsing site Activities On Every One of These That includes buttons, even if you never click the buttons and (in some browsers) Even If You Have third -party cookies disabled?

ShareMeNot is a browser extension designed to Prevent third-party buttons (Such as Facebook’s “Like” button or Twitter’s “tweet” button) embedded by sites across the Internet from tracking you Until you actually click on them. Unlike traditional solutions, ShareMeNot does this without completely removing the buttons from the web experience.

Note That this extension is part of a research project and not targeted for general use. We welcome your feedback and will use it to Improve our tool.

ShareMeNot can be downloaded here

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Disconnect description: A Firefox add-on that stops major third parties from tracking the webpages you go to.

If you’re a typical web user, you’re unintentionally sending your browsing history with your name and other personal information to third parties whenever you’re online.

Disconnect is an extension for Firefox designed to enable you to control the way your share your data. It prevents third parties from tracking your information.

Here are some key features of “Disconnect”:

· Disable tracking by third parties like Digg, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Yahoo, without requiring any setup or significantly degrading the usability of the web.
· See how many resource requests are blocked, in real time.
· Easily unblock services, by clicking the toolbar.

Disconnect can be downloaded here.


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